Website Ownership and Digital Media in Local Media

The data obtained during the desk-based research process of the study showed that the majority of local publication/broadcast channels are publishing digitally through their websites. (see Desk-based Research Findings: Digitization in Local Media ). The scope of this previously collected data during was expanded during the surveys in field research by asking local media outlets about their digital publishing capacity (level of activity, publication/broadcast content, click rate, etc.). Similar to the findings detected during the desk-based research, the data obtained from the field also show that the rate of digital publishing by local media outlets is high. According to the results, almost all (90.9%) of the 1222 local outlets surveyed have an official website.

Among the outlets participated in the field research, there are 486 local digital news platforms that only publishing digital news through their websites. The data obtained from the surveys conducted with these outlets show that 92.6% of these platforms actively publish local news, while 70% have more than 10,000 visits to their websites per month. According to the results of the survey, the publication/broadcast contents of the local digital news platforms are generally concentrated on the themes of national agenda (85.4%), politics (59.5%) and culture & art (24.5%).

Another finding that stands out is that the majority of local newspapers and magazines that continue their activities within the scope of the printed media are publishing digitally through their websites. While 87.6% of the surveyed local newspapers publish digitally on their website in addition to their printed publications, the majority of local magazines (77.7%) publish their weekly or monthly issues in digital format on their websites. When the interregional website ownership rates are analyzed in terms of local print media, Southeastern Anatolia (91.7%) for local newspapers and Marmara (88.9%) for local magazines are the regions where almost every outlet owns a website.

Data obtained from the field research reveal that the digitalization rate in local media is high in visual and audio broadcasting as well as in print media. While 86.6% of local televisions participating in the research state that they digitally broadcast through the website, the rate of digital publication of local radios through the website (68.8%) remains relatively lo compared to other publication/broadcast types. In audiovisual local broadcasting, among the regions where almost every local outlet broadcast digitally through its website, Marmara (100%), Aegean (100%) and Eastern Anatolia (100%) regions stand out for televisions, Black sea (84.6%) and Aegean (72.7%) regions for local radios.