As a result of the desk-based research carried out in 81 provinces within the scope of the research project, in total 3240 local media outlets were identified. According to the results of the survey, local media outlets are mostly located in Marmara (817 outlets), Mediterranean (587 outlets) and Aegean (494 outlets) regions. While it is seen that there are relatively few local media outlets in the Black Sea (465 outlets) and Central Anatolia (393 outlets) regions, the Eastern Anatolia (252 outlets) and Southeastern Anatolia (232 outlets) are the regions with the least number of local media outlets in the research results.

The geographical distribution of the detected outlets shows that the provinces that host the largest number of local media outlets are generally metropolitan cities. Istanbul (221 outlets), Bursa (143 outlets), Mersin (143 outlets), Izmir (132 outlets) and Adana (128 outlets) are the provinces with the highest number of local outlets, while Bilecik (4 outlets), Şırnak (4 outlets), Bayburt (3 outlets) and Tunceli (2 outlets) stand out as the cities with the least number of local media outlets.